Pull my finger

See? This bit here makes me want to cry. The first thing he does when he sees Sam and Dean is do his little “Pull My Finger” joke. He wanted to try and fix everything and distract them with his little bit of humor. And he laughed at his own joke, all proud and pleased with himself. But here, you can see him getting more and more scared. His joke isn’t working, the angels aren’t laughing. And you can see him becoming more and more terrified. He’s backed into a corner, he can’t look them in the eye, he’s swallowing hard, and that last gif his face goes from confused and worried to begging and terrified. All Castiel’s ever tried to do is fix things for others. He tried to fix Dean, he tried to fix Sam, he tried to fix the world, and even now, when he thinks absolutely nothing of himself, he’s trying to fix things. That’s all he’s ever done, this poor selfless angel. And I want to cry.